Compressor Sales, Hire and Servicing

Energy efficient compressed air systems, designed to save you money

Air Kraft specialises in high quality compressed air systems for trade and industry.

We offer a full service, from friendly advice to supply, installation, servicing and repairs.

Atlas Copco Air Compressors

You don’t want products that let you down or cost a fortune to run. That’s why we only supply genuine, high quality Atlas Copco products and parts.

Atlas Copco is a world leader in compressed air systems and manufactures some of the most reliable, cost effective and energy efficient compressors on the market.

Premier Atlas Copco Distributor

Air Kraft is one of only a handful of Atlas Copco Premier Distributors in the UK.

Choosing us means you’re guaranteed to receive a first class service from the best local air professionals.

Compressor Sales

Investing in an energy efficient system should be a priority for your business. As a Premier Distributor, our Atlas Copco air compressors offer you some of the most efficient and cost effective compressors on the market.

Compressor Hire

If your compressor has let you down and you need an emergency replacement, you only need a compressor for a limited time, you would rather rent than buy, we have a range of hire options so you can access the systems you need.

Compressor Servicing

Whether your system requires a repair, routine service or major overhaul, our skilled technicians can help. We maintain and repair all of the major compressor manufacturers’ products to an exceptional standard.

Compressed Air Piping Installations

From installing your new air compressor system, to moving or altering your existing system, our technicians have all the skills and know-how you need. Your pipework installation will be durable, versatile and offer optimised production and efficiency.