Oil-Free Water-injected screw compressors, 30-55 kW / 40-75 hp

02Standard Scope of Supply:

The SF6-22 Multcore models are air cooled, silenced, oil free scroll compressor packages.

The air quality from all SF Scroll oil free compressors is TUV certified to ISO8573-1:2001 Part 1 to “Class 0” in terms total oil content.


01Scope of Supply

  • Two, three or four scroll compressor modules per machine
  • IP55 totally enclosed fan cooled motors
  • Elektronikon control module
  • Belt driven scroll elements
  • Emergency stop button
  • Aftercooler with moisture separator
  • Regulating system with VFT (Variable Flow Technology)
  • Automatic condensate drain
  • Integrated refrigerant dryer


Compression Element Module

SF6-15 multicore compressors each has a mixture of compressor modules sized as follows:
SF 6 = 2 modules (2.2 kW + 3.7 kW)
SF 8 = 2 modules (2 x 3.7 kW)
SF 11 = 3 modules (3 x 3.7 kW)
SF 15 = 4 modules (4 x 3.7 kW)
SF 17 = 3 modules (3 x 5.5 kW)
SF22 = 4 modules (4 x 5.5 kW)

The Elektronikon control system matches the compressor capacity to the demand by starting and stopping modules as necessary to meet the demand. Running hours are equalised across the modules.


Compression & Drive Arrangement

Each Scroll element is belt driven from a TEFC, IP55, class F electric motor. The element consists of a fixed scroll and an orbiting scroll. The orbiting scroll seals off the inlet port and progressively compresses air into a smaller volume.

The result is a continuous flow of oil free and pulse free compressed air that leaves through a discharge port at the centre of the element.

The tension within the belts can be easily adjusted via a sliding frame.


Compression Element Cooling

Compression elements incorporate a cooling fan mounted on the drive shaft of the element.



All units include an air-blast aftercooler with a separate cooling fan.


Flow Diagram


Air at inlet pressure enters the compression chamber at the exterior side of the scroll element. As the scroll continues to orbit, the air is progressively compressed into an increasingly smaller pocket. The compressed air is then discharged from the element, through the air cooler and check valve. This process provides a continuous flow of pulse-free compressed air.


Air System

The air system includes:

  • Dry-type air intake filters for each element
  • Check valve on each module
  • Safety valve on each module
  • Common air blast aftercooler with cooling fan
  • Water separator
  • Manual drain for condensate
  • Automatic drain for condensate
  • Integrated refrigerant dryer


Control Cubicle

Compressors are equipped with a control cubicle containing:

  • Motor starters
  • Transformers
  • Emergency stop
  • Elektronikon control, regulation, safety and indication panel
  • All wiring


Control and Regulation

03SF6-15 multicore compressors are equipped with the Variable Flow Technology (VFT) providing efficient start / stop control. The compressor capacity matches the needs of the application by starting and stopping compressor modules as necessary to save energy. The Elektronikon controller equalises the running hours across the compression element and ensures that they do not start simultaneously.


Elektronikon Controller

The Elektronikon controller regulates compressor operation and displays and monitors the following:


Control Buttons Indication Alarm Trip
Start Button X
Stop Button X
Emergency Stop Button X X
Reset / Test Button X
Operating Parameters
Voltage on X
Automatic operation X
Delivery Air X
Total Hours Run X
Air filter X
Sensor error X
High element temp outlet X X X
Drive motor / fan overload X X X
Emergency stop X X
Digial Input Commands
Start X
Programmed stop X
Emergancy stop X
Max number starts   X
Digital Output Compressor Status
Automatic Operation X
General Warning X
General Shutdown X


Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Scroll element No metal to metal contact between the scrolls, therefore no need for lubrication.
Pure oil free “Class 0” air No oil in the compression chamber, high quality oil free air.
Energy efficient EEF1 motors Reduction of energy consumption
Start / Stop regulation Energy efficient regulation
Super silent acoustic canopy Reduced sound levels; low as 53dB(A)
Belt driven scroll element Eliminating the need for a gearbox