Atlas Copco AQ and Z oil-free compressors

Atlas Copco Industrial oil-free compressors

Whether your activities are in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, critical electronics or any other exacting industry, clean oil-free compressed air is paramount to your production process, and Atlas Copco’s oil free compressors eliminate the risks of oil contamination.

Eliminate the risk of any oil contamination, zero oil means zero risk of contamination. Using oil lubricated compressors, even with extensive filtration will always have a risk of oil contamination, usually due to lack of service, or component failure, often due to ambient conditions.

For oil-free compressed air we can offer you ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 0

Atlas Copco AQ Water-injected Variable Speed Drive screw compressors

  • AQ 15 to 55 kW Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
  • Maximum Pressure 13 Bar
  • Capacity range from 22 l/s (47 cfm) to 138.6 l/s (293.8 cfm)
  • Integral dryer option
  • Water cooled option
  • Low noise levels

Atlas Copco ZT & ZR Oil-Free Tooth Compressors

100% oil-free compressed air with Zero risk of contamination of your product from our equipment.

The latest range of ZT and ZR oil free compressors offer up to 10% more flow and use up to 15% less energy compared to other VSD compressors

  • ZT air cooled tooth compressor
  • ZR water cooled tooth compressor
  • Wide range of models from 15 kW upwards
  • Permanent magnet drive motors
  • Full Feature (FF) models with integral iMD or iMDG adsorbsion dryers
  • Fixed speed and Variable Speed drive (VSD) variants