SF+ 8-22 Multi Oil Free Rotary Scroll Air Compressor

0201The SF+ Multi range of oil-free scroll air compressors unite Atlas Copco’s vast experience and knowledge in a class-leading package. The SF+ range boasts the high-end Elektronikon® controller. Reliable and compact, the range answer your demands through innovative technologies and supreme energy efficiency without compromising on quality.Setting the standard for air purity through ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification, the SF+8-22 Multi range is available in Air-cooled version, Pack and Full feature offering pressure capability upto10 bar(e) and improved energy efficiency thanks to the IE3 motor & efficient scroll elements. The models offered in the SF+ 8-22 range are SF8+, SF11+, SF15+, SF17+ and SF22+.


Operating Principle


  • Air compression is achieved by the interaction of a fixed and an orbiting scroll. Air at inlet pressure enters the compression chamber at the exterior side of the scroll element. Once air is drawn in, the orbiting scroll seals off the inlet port.
  • As the scroll continues to orbit, the air is progressively compressed into an increasingly smaller ‘pocket’.
  • A continuous flow of compressed air leaves the scroll element through a discharge port in the centre of the fixed scroll.
  • This process is continuously repeated, resulting in the delivery of pulse-free compressed air.


Standard Scope of Supply

Scroll compressor element

The compression principle incorporated in the SF+8-22 is the scroll system. Opposing helical elements orbit in relation to each other, progressively compressing atmospheric air up to 10 bar pressure. There is no metal to metal contact whatsoever – hence no need for lubrica­tion. A minimum of moving components ensures inherent reliability, minimum maintenance and guarantees continuous operation.

Air intake filter

The air inlet filter is a High efficiency paper cartridge air inlet filter, eliminating dust and particles down to 1 μm. Replacement is easy and accessibility optimal.

Drive system

All SF+ models are V-belt driven, using belts with XPZ profile. Belt tensioning is easy as adjusting bolts are easily accessible via the front door.

Electric motor

The foot mounted motors of SF+ units are totally enclosed fan cooled drive motors Complying with IE3 premium efficiency standards, IP 55 protection and class F insulation.

Cooling & Simple design

SF+ series are air cooled. A radial fan on the compressor element forces the cooling air flow over the cooling fins of the scroll element. The new compact vertical setup enables easy access for maintenance, improves cooling allowing lower working temperatures and provides vibration damping.

Instrument panel and control/regulating system

All SF+ units have Automatic stop when the required working pressure is reached, avoiding unnecessary energy costs. An easy to read control panel enables an easy operation and perfect supervision of the unit. The SF+ range is equipped with high featured Elektronikon® Mk 5 Graphic controller.


An oversized cooler improves the performance of the unit.. The use of aluminium & stainless steel pipes and the vertically oversized check valve improve reliability over lifetime and assure the high quality of your compressed air.

Variable flow technology (VFT)

04All SF+ 8-22 multi-scroll compressors are equipped with the unique VFT control system, which provides maximum flexibility of air delivery. The VFT system, included in the Elektronikon® controller, automatically starts and stops the scroll elements to exactly match the demands of your compressed air system. A control algorithm ensures that the system pressure is kept within a very narrow pressure band which optimizes the compressor’s efficiency and guarantees a very stable system pressure. The Elektronikon® also gives an instant read out of all operational data and continuously scans and monitors the operation of the SF.

Integrated refrigeration dryer (optional)

SF+ 8-22 full feature variants have an integrated refrigeration dryer. The integration of the dryer results in a compact compressed air installation, avoiding a lot of pipework and connections.

Silent Canopy

The unit is completely enclosed in a Silent canopy which limits the noise levels as low as 63 dB (A), allowing the unit to be installed closer to point of use.



Elektronikon® MK5 Graphic regulator and control panel



Elektronikon Graphic with compressor visualization:

The next-generation Elektronikon® operating system offers a great variety of control and monitoring features that allow you to increase your compressor’s efficiency and reliability thanks to the many embedded advanced control algorithms.

Graphical 3.5 inch high definition colour display with clear pictograms and self-explaining navigation. Standard Internet based compressor visualization using Ethernet


Elektronikon graphic regulator module

The regulating system includes the Elektronikon module to regulate, control and monitor compressor operation. All SF+ series Elektronikon control modules display and monitor the following:

  1. Compressor Status Indication
    • Voltage on
    • Automatic operation
    • Service timer
    • Compressor speed
  2. Temperature, numerical readouts
    • Element outlet
    • Ambient air temperature on FF units
  3. Pressure, numerical readouts
    • Delivery air
  4. Compressor Control
    • Start / Stop
    • Reset / Test
  5. Hour meters
    • Total running hours
    • Total loading hours (in different speed zones)
  6. Timers
    • Programming compressor time-based start/stop commands
  7. Service requirement indications
    • Air filter
  8. Compressor safety – warning indications
    • High element outlet temp.
    • Electronic drain operation
    • Sensor error
    • High dew point
    • Pressure drop over PD/DD filters (optionally)
  9. Compressor safety – shutdown indications
    • High element outlet temp.
    • Drive motor/fan motor overload
    • Emergency stop
  10. Digital output relays for remote monitoring (voltage free)
    • Automatic operation / Manual operation
    • General warning
    • General shutdown