LZ, LF, LFx and LFxD Series


LB booster series

When you need absolutely clean air, “technically oil-free” really won’t do. Oil-injected compression, even filtered, cannot guarantee that all oil vapors, aerosols and other contaminants are removed from the air. Atlas Copco pioneered the oil-free air technology that removes any risk of contamination by oil. What is more, we also set a new
standard in air quality as the first manufacturer to be certified ISO 8573-1 Class 0. With no less than four clean air piston series (the LZ, LF, LFx and LFxD), we have the right oil-free compressor for you.

LZ, LF, LFX AND LFXD Series high-pressure Piston Compressors



  • Full range with different power (0.7-20 hp), pressure (4-10 bar) and power supply (230/400/460V) options.
  • Pack and full feature, base and tank mounted versions are available.


Quality air

  • ISO 8573-1 Class 0 pump produces TÜV-certified 100% clean air.
  • Dryer and dust particle filters come included as standard in the full feature and pack versions.


  • Patented stainless steel inlet/outlet pump valves.
  • Long lifetime of 16,000 hours.
  • Elimination of oil changes ensures minimal service requirements.
  • Extremely low maintenance costs.

Energy savings

  • Direct drive offers major energy savings compared to belt-driven compressors.
  • Start-stop technology eliminates waste during the unload cycle.
  • One-bearing motor reduces mechanical friction.


Compressor type
Maximum inlet pressure Maximum outlet pressure Recommended inlet flow @ 50hz Recommended inlet flow @ 60hz Outlet flow @ 50hz (40 bar) Outlet flow @ 60hz (40 bar) Installed motor power @ 50hz Installed motor power @ 60hz
bar psi bar psi l/s cfm l/s cfm l/s cfm l/s cfm kW hp kW hp
LB 15 6 87 40 580 29 61 33 70 24.2 51 28.1 60 11 15 13 17
LB 20 6 87 40 580 48 101 55 116 40 85 46.4 98 15 20 18 24