Atlas Copco Oil Injected Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Models: GA110 VSD – GA160 VSD


In modern industrial facilities, shift changes, batch loads, peak demands or the varying use of air tools all contribute to a widely fluctuating compressed air demand. Traditional compressor regulation systems cannot follow the air demand variation accurately which inevitably leads to energy losses.

Tests show that for a typical industrial installation an average of 35% energy savings can be achieved by using ‘VSD’ technology versus traditional load / unload compressors.

The GA 110 – 160 VSD series sets a new standard in variable speed driven oil-injected rotary screw compressor technology, providing the reliability and performance of a state-of-the-art compressor solution integrated in a package unit, producing compressed air at the lowest running costs.

The GA 110 – 160 VSD compressors are available as standard in a 46°C ambient temperature design and in the following versions:

  • Air cooled
  • Water-cooled
  • Pack (without dryer)
  • Full Feature (including refrigerant dryer)
  • High ambient version (up to 50°C)

The compressors include a state of the art single stage screw compression element, driven by a totally enclosed fan cooled high efficiency electric motor, lubrication and cooling system with integrated water separator totally built in a silencing canopy.

Excellence by Design

Designed keeping in mind the highest levels of reliability and energy efficiency, easy installation and low maintenance costs, the GA 132 – 160 VSD series include the following main features:

Superior screw elements with the latest Atlas Copco asymmetric rotor profile designed for the optimum combination of maximised air delivery for the lowest power consumption.

High efficiency frequency converter and inverter duty motor for 80 to 85% flow turndown and average energy savings of 35%.

Aftercooler with integrated water separator for a supply of cool compressed air free of liquid condensate to protect you production system.

Variable speed drive (VSD) radial cooling fans ensuring that the compressor runs cool providing extra reliability and reduced energy consumption while keeping the noise level down (air cooled models).

Elektronikon® controller with the most advanced control algorithms for maximum reliability and compressor efficiency.

Elektronikon controlled condensate drains providing 100% condensate removal with no loss of compressed air.

Heavy duty air inlet filter as standard, protecting the compressor components from wear even in the harshest environments.

Heavy duty oil filtration system as standard, assuring extremely clean oil for maximum reliability and lifetime.

High efficiency 2 stage air oil separator system for reduced oil consumption ensuring low maintenance costs.

Factory assembled energy recovery system (optional) recovers up to ± 94% of the compressor shaft power as hot water without any adverse influence on the compressor’s performance. Hot water can be used for boiler systems, central heating applications, shower applications, pre-warming of process gases and liquids etc.

Stainless Steel Tube & Shell Coolers (Water cooled Version).

GSM alarm messaging system (optional) helps to plan the normal maintenance activities. An SMS will be sent to the plant utility manager and/or Atlas Copco resulting in upfront maintenance planning. Efficient maintenance activities reduce the maintenance costs while keeping optimal compressor performance. In case of any unexpected failure the system will be activated reducing down time.

Silencing canopy ensures low noise levels from 68 and 69 dB(A).


GA 110 – 160 VSD Pack: Compact compressor package

The GA VSD Pack machine is a fully packaged compressor mounted on a sturdy industrial grade steel oil containing base frame, which allows the unit to be placed on any level floor capable of supporting the static weight. The assembled unit is also mounted on anti-vibration dampers and housed in a sound attenuating enclosure to limit noise level.

GA 110 – 160VSD FF Full Feature: Compact compressed air system package

The GA VSDFF Full Feature is the total compressed air system comprising the compressor and air treatment equipment. A refrigerant dryer integrated inside the compressor canopy results in reduced installation costs and reduced footprint.

The Full Feature refrigerant dryer includes the latest technologies such as VSD control of the refrigerant compressor reducing the dryer energy consumption in light load conditions.

The dryer removes moisture from the compressed air by cooling it to near freezing point, causing the moisture to condense. The condensate is then separated in the integrated water separator and drained by the electronic water drains. After the water separator the compressed air is dry. A connection and a dryer isolation valve are included inside the compressor to facilitate the installation of a dryer bypass.

The “Heart” of the Compressor

The compression element is designed for a combination of maximized free air delivery and the lowest power consumption and as a result delivers superior efficiency.   ga110-1602

The compression element bearings are subjected to a meticulous selection process and the lubrication is undertaken with cool oil through internally cast channels ensuring low wear and tear and increased reliability and extended lifetime.

Drive Arrangement

The GA 110 – 160 VSD compressors are driven by a high efficiency, TEFC, IP 55 squirrel cage induction motors designed to operate in a 46°C ambient temperature.

Power is transmitted to the compression element via a flexible coupling.

Cooling Fans

Radial, variable speed cooling fans driven by TEFC, IP55, electric motors regulate the cooling flow and provide energy savings.

Motors have greased for life bearings for low maintenance costs.

Air System

Heavy duty air intake filter with electronic vacuum sensor.

Air / oil separation tank with air / oil separator element.

Minimum pressure valve with non-return valve.

Aluminium block type air after-cooler for the air-cooled models or alternatively a shell and tube heat exchanger for the water-cooled models with high efficiency integrated water separator and Elektronikon controlled drains.

Lubrication System

Air-oil separation tank with air-oil separator element, oil sump, oil level indicator, safety valve, minimum pressure valve, drain tube and filing plug.

Aluminium block type oil cooler for the air-cooler models or alternatively a shell and tube heat exchanger for the water-cooled models

Heavy duty oil filters, with electronic differential pressure sensor.

Control Cubicle

The GA 110 – 160 VSD compressors are equipped with an integrated frequency converter and a control cubicle containing:

Frequency converter for variable speed control of cooling fans.


Polycarbonate screen protection IEC & CSA/UL approved.

Start-stop button and emergency stop.

Elektronikon control, regulation, safety and indication panel.

Regulation System

The GA 110 – 160 VSD compressors are equipped with the most advanced VSD control algorithm, continuously adjusting the delivered flow to the demand resulting in high stability on the air net pressure.

The VSD regulation system will allow a smooth start eliminating starting peaks guaranteeing stability in the electrical power supply.

GA VSD: The solution for smooth starting

Elektronikon Controller

The Elektronikon controller regulates, controls and monitors compressor operation.elek

The module displays and monitors the following:

1. Compressor Status Indication¢  Voltage on¢  Automatic operation¢  Compressor running

2. Temperature, numerical readouts

¢  Delivery air

¢  Element 1 outlet

¢  Cooling medium

¢  Water in (ER)*

¢  Water out (ER)*

¢  Dryer Dewpoint**

3. Pressure, numerical readouts

¢  Delivery air

¢  Air filter pressure differential

¢  Oil separator pressure differential

¢  Oil element inlet

4. Main Screen Display

¢  Accumulated FAD

¢  Drive motor rpm

5. Dryer Control

¢  Start/stop**

6. Compressor Control

¢  Start / Stop

¢  Emergency stop

¢  Reset / Test

¢  Key switch for local/remote compressor control

7. Hour meters

¢  Total running hours

¢  Working regime

8. Timers¢  Programming compressor time-based start/stop commands 9. Service requirement indications¢  Air filter

¢  Oil filter

¢  Oil lifetime

¢  Oil separator

¢  Regreasing of motor

¢  Sensor error

10. Compressor safety – warning   indications

¢  High element outlet temp

11. Compressor safety – shutdown indications

¢  High element outlet temp

¢  Drive motor/fan motor overload

¢  Emergency Stop

¢  Dryer safety – warning high dewpoint**


Remote Control / Monitoring


12. Digital input commands

¢  Start

¢  Programmed stop

¢  Emergency stop

13. Digital output compressor status

¢  Unit running

¢  Automatic operation

¢  General warning

¢  General shutdown

*           ER = Energy Recovery       **         Only on Full Feature(FF) Unit