No installation is complete without filtration

Adding filtration to the installation will further increase the quality of the air, resulting in even less chance that tools and machines will be damaged and final product quality compromised.

Atlas Compressed Air Filters

  1. The prefilter will protect the dryer, and also remove free water, particles to 1 micron and oil to 0.1 mg/m³.
  2. The final filter removes particles to 0.01 micron and oil to 0.01mg/m³.
  3. The final result is dry clean air, which allows you to concentrate on your business, without problems.


With as many as 140 million particles of dirt in every cubic metre of air, pollution in industrial areas is a major hazard for any compressed air system. Up to 80% of these particles are smaller than two microns and can pass straight through the compressor into the compressed air distribution system.

These particles, mixed with water vapour and hydrocarbon vapours from unburned fuels and industrial processes, are drawn into the compressor and concentrated under compression.

After compression, all these contaminants can combine in the piping system with condensed moisture, pipe scale and rust, creating a damaging abrasive emulsion.

Atlas Compressed Air Filters

Instruments and tools can malfunction, spray guns and pneumatic components can be rendered unusable, maintenance costs will increase and end products will be spoiled.

The best answer to this is a perfectly matched filter system, which reduces all types of contamination right from the source. 


Excellent cost savings

Designed to combine maximum contaminant removal efficiency with minimum pressure drop, Atlas Copco’s state-of–the-art filters contribute to low energy consumption in your compressed air system.

  • Large effective filtration area
  • Low resistance to the air flow

Atlas Compressed Air Filter Cost Savings