Nitrogen Generators

Our nitrogen generators provide you with a secure, reliable and low-cost way of effectively supplying nitrogen.  The resulting flow rates can vary from 5  up to 500Nm3/h and is the purity of the Nitrogen is between 95%-99%.

How Do NGM Generators Work?

Membrane air separation is the key here.  The membrane allows nitrogen to pass and other gases (like oxygen, water vapour and CO2) to permeate.

NGM Generators – Advantages

  • Cost Reduction: The minimal operating/maintenance costs  help you keep costs down
  • Constant Supply:  The nitrogen is constantly available and because of this you remove the risk of halting production.
  • Control: The electronic monitoring panels will reduce energy usage, downtime and thus lead to increased production levels.

NGM Membrane Nitrogen Generators Uses

You will find that the NGM generators are ideal for varying applications including:

  • Tyre Inflation
  • Fire Prevention Systems
  • Nautical/Marine
  • Packaging