Air Compressor Energy Savings

M-Box measurementCompressed air is a vital utility for industry in general; it is also one of the largest consumers of energy.

We have an extensive knowledge of compressed air – it’s our speciality. Our energy team will be able to decide upon an acceptable operating balance. Balancing the performance required for you to operate whilst saving as much energy as possible and thus saving you money.

Getting the most out of your compressor

Our energy team will carry out an audit of your production air demand. We will then make recommendations for your compressed air installation. We ensure the greatest availability with the most energy efficient solution at the lowest possible cost.

Steps towards sustainable energy savings:

  1. Pre-assessment
    Our energy team will conduct a pre-assessment to estimate the savings we could achieve
  2. Energy assessments/audits
    For this step we will use measurements and simulation models to identify potential savings.
  3. Recommendations
    We will make our recommendations to ensure the system is fully optimised. We will offer the most recent, efficient technologies and components.
  4. Optimisation
    We will then optimise your systems, and put in place advanced energy saving technologies, so we can achieve the savings based on our recommendations.
  5. Online monitoring
    We will use online monitoring to ensure that the implemented solutions are delivering the savings we have set out to achieve
  6. Regular energy assessments/audits
    We will carry out regular energy assessments and audits to ensure the improvements are working and also to identify any other potential areas for energy saving.

Contact us regarding saving energy

If you would like more information about saving energy in your compressed air systems or to find out what we can offer you please either use our contact form or call us on 024 7665 1121 today!

M-Box measurement