Compressed Air Leak Detection Systems

On the way from the compressor to the consuming point it’s inevitable that part of the expensively produced compressed air will escape.

Leaks are a significant source of wasted energy in both industrial and domestic compressed air systems. For an “average daily case” such leaks already amount to 25-30% of the compressed air quantity. This figure can even rise to 50% in more extreme cases.


Loss-free compressed air transport is the key to good operating profit

Energy costs for an industrial operation may account for up to 86 % of operating costs at 7500 h/a.

We are able to detect all leaks in a compressed air system.

  • at a distance up to 15m
  • in places with difficult access
  • without visibility

We can optimise your systems to achieve the following:

  • a reduction in energy loss and profits
  • less demand for compressor systems which will boost performance
  • lower on-going wear and tear on compressors and parts

Leak detection

Detects each and every leak; Fast & Simple

When compressed air is escaping friction occurs between the molecules and the wall of the pipe and a high-frequency ultrasound is emitted. Our leak detectors can pick up this sound which is inaudible to the ear and optically indicate its position. Our leak detection systems are able to filter out other high frequencies and focus only on the frequencies relating to air leakage – even in a  noisy industrial space.

We can detect the leakage of compressed air from all locations – including loose connections, worn out joints, defective seal rings and tiny cracks.




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