Industrial air treatment

In an industrial environment, contaminants such as dust, oil, water and harmful vapours are drawn into your air compressor, where they become concentrated.

Before you can release this air back into the environment, you need to make sure it’s clean, dry and safe to breathe.

Good air quality is essential for the longevity of your air tools and manufacturing equipment.

This is where air treatment equipment comes in.

Air compressor filters

Our Atlas Copco air filters reduce pollution, giving you clean, breathable air and preventing harmful sludge from building up inside your pipes and reaching your equipment.

The filters combine technical innovation and rigorous testing to bring you some of the most advanced and effective air filtration systems on the market.

Compressed Air Dryers

We offer three types of Atlas Copco dryers: desiccant, refrigerant and membrane.
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Desiccant Air Dryers

Desiccant air dryers adsorb moisture from your compressed air using a desiccant material. They’re suitable for all industrial applications and are particularly effective if you require extremely dry air.

Choose a rotary drum dryer for the best energy efficiency, or a twin tower dryer if you need a very low dew point.
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Refrigerant dryers

Refrigerated dryers protect your compressor system by cooling the air and turning water vapours into condensation. The excess water is then drained away, preventing harmful corrosion.

The dryers have low operational costs and are most often used in general plant operations. They might not be suitable if you need very dry air.
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Membrane air dryers

In a membrane dryer, compressed air flows through membrane tubes in a pressurised vessel. Water molecules pass through the membrane into the vessel, where they’re safely drained away.

Membrane dryers are lightweight, compact and have no moving parts, so they’re cost-effective to run and require little maintenance and achieve dryer air than a refrigerant dryer.
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Oil water separators

Condensate treatment units take the water and oil that have been filtered from your compressed air and separate them, so the oil can be disposed of safely.

Use Atlas Copco EWD zero-loss drains with liquid level sensors to monitor the condensate build up and only empties it when it reaches a certain level. This saves energy and stops you wasting your compressed air.
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